Please pardon the pixel dust!

I strive to create graphics, code, and photography that enhances your experience and keeps you coming back ...but even good things can use a little improvement now and then! This site *IS* in the middle of a face lift so please let me know if I have missed a link or something isn't working properly. More content, work samples, and a fresh taxonomy is in the works. Until then, please mind your step and enjoy some of my past work examples.

Audience Focused

We are nothing without our customers. To this end, I aim to make this site worth many a return visit. More and fresher content is coming soon. If there is something you would like for me to mock up, just drop me a note. I love design challenges - especially photography and graphic design ones!

In the meantime, please take a look at my painting projects on Instagram

Responsive and Sec. 508 Compliant

More and more we live our lives on the go. As a result, we rely on our mobile devices, phones, and tablets to assist us in our daily tasks. Websites MUST be mobile friendly and accessible if they are to provide a good user experience. Please note that while the main site IS designed for a variety of differently abled customers, older work samples may not be. They are posted as they had been originally designed.